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The sixth studio album by the Beatles, released in Winter 1965. Rubber Soul is considered the turning point in the band's career, the Brit-Pop was now being intermingled with Dylanesque folk, distortion guitar, and minor psychedelia. Tracks are as follows:

1. Drive My Car
2. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
3. You Won't See Me
4. Nowhere Man
5. Think for Yourself
6. Word
7. Michelle
8. What Goes On
9. Girl
10. I'm Looking Through You
11. In My Life
12. Wait
13. If I Needed Someone
14. Run for Your Life
The times for playing Rubber Soul:
1. Driving
2. Making Love
3. Making love while driving
by Geoff L. August 06, 2005
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A collective term for a group of exceptionally ugly, inept and untalented people masquerading as musicians, who have a knack of ruining other peoples' big occasions (e.g weddings).
"For crying out loud, that Rubbersoul have totally spoiled our son's wedding. One of them has eaten all the pies too!"
by Dennis B September 01, 2005
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