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Roxy Music is a great British rock'n'roll band that is classified as glam rock and proto-punk. On the same wavelength as that other great inspiration for punk rock and New Wave, David Bowie. Successful mostly in the UK, but inspired musicians all over the globe. Singer/keyboardist Bryan Ferry has also led a successful solo career as a suave, elegant "punk Sinatra" star. Roxy Music has inspired many successful bands of many styles (Duran Duran, ABC, INXS, and more), just like David Bowie has as well.
All of the albums put out by Roxy Music are excellent, but their final studio release "Avalon" (which has the hits Avalon, More Than This and more) is the ULTIMATE. It's much more relaxing and fun to listen to than most of this bland "adult contemporary" and "adult alternative" fodder you'll find on the radio. On a weekend retreat I'd put it on and the girls would sit, listen and be absorbed by it. Then they'd ask me what I was playing. On a date I'd play this album in my car stereo and my girlfriend would get in a peaceful, romantic mood. Get a copy of "Avalon" today. CHICKS REALLY DIG IT!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice August 06, 2007
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A band formed in the early 70's by Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno. Some say they wrote the very first punk song "Editions of You." However, they are most known for their hits in the 80's like "Avalon" and "More than This".
They are a big influnence on many musicans. Similar in style to David Bowie. They are the main influence on Bands like Duran Duran and the Cure.
Roxy Music is one of my favorite bands.
by M.Putt August 26, 2005
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