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1.) white trash from Roxborough. Nearly everyone in Roxborough between the ages of 12-22 and 30-65. These people wear oversized white t-shirts and grey sweatpants with black sneakers. The girls often have gigantic Hispanic looking hoop earrings, tight ponytails and strollers (regardless of age). The guys often have fake Timberland boots, and backwards (or sideways) Phillies caps. These people often have misconceptions of how poor their neighborhood is (isn't, really) and what race they are. Many attend (or have attended) Hallihan or Roman. Drinking starts early (both in age, and time of the day), as does drug use. They often try to exaggerate the level of "ghetto" in Roxborough and themselves, while paradoxically making their home to be the greatest place in the city.
2.) popular online blog, found at
Did you see that Roxborough trash kid coming out of the Wawa?
by roxboroughtrash October 21, 2007
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