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Similar to a Project but "nicer". Is usually owned by some jerk faced racist ass white boy (or) a self hating chick who never been to the hood and tries to over take your way of living. They consist of 6,9, or 12 houses on one lot facing each other in a row (e.g.) Row houses.

Similar to a project, but the projects got more privacy. And is probably nicer Since it's owned by the g'vmet.
Another Day at the Bernard Bush Row Houses
Resident: What a lovely day to water the grass under this L.A. sunshine. Oh crap!
Neighbor: Landlord, cuzz.
Landlord: What 'chu doin?
Resident: Watering the grass!
Landlord: Stop watering the goddamn grass because you takin away from my money.
Resident: But we paid you on time.
Landlord: Pay me more money and I'll let you water this grass.
Resident: (hands the bitch the money) Hope you buy more crack wit it too. And fix yo goddamn perm, nigga!!
Landlord: You too, have a blessed holiday :).
(rent on the 1st and 15th is a holiday. Or in my parents case, 10th and 25th.)
by Girl in the window. February 10, 2013
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