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When you're happily browsing the internet with a great big smile on your face, browsing your news feeds, browsing web comics, searching porn and chatting to your girlfriend(s) on facebook and MSN when suddenly your router cuts off, your router goes on its period and cuts your connection off and you have to trail all the way to your deep dark computer room with the 100 year old desktop computer, risking your life on the deadly wires of doom, before unplugging the router and replugging it...

only to find you needed to turn off and on your wifi on your laptop.
Uhh, i was chatting up that fit girl Siobhan when suddenly while i was browisng i had router rape.
by hurrdurrimahoerz October 11, 2010
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Stealing someone's wireless internet access when it is blocked. Usually achieved through hacking or them having an asshole of a friend who will tell you the password.
Guy 1: Hey, can I use your internet?
Guy 2: Oh I am just stealing this girl's internet from across the street.
Guy 1: Isn't it locked? Don't you need a password?
Guy 2: Nah, I just router raped her.
by ThePythnator September 25, 2014
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