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Roudson a strong man, with acuity that makes him stand out among most. He holds a vast amount of knowledge and is a very very handsome man. Roudson usually has a youthful spirit about himself, but is mature when he needs to be. He is sweet, soft spoken , reserved and slow to anger. Roudson is the perfect combination of funny, sexy and calm, his presence his so blissful others can’t help but smile around him. Once he cares about you he cares forever, he is non-relenting when it comes to things he cares about and they’re aren’t many things he loves that deeply. Though he can be manipulative in the pressing manner he uses, he knows his limits with everyone which means he is considerate even when trying to get his way. If you have a Roudson in your life count it as blessing.
Person 1: Roudson is so cool, I bumped into him by accident and he spilled his drink...
Person 2: Omg what’d he do?!
Person 1: Nothing the guy just broke out laughing and asked if I was okay! Never mind the drink right!

Person 2: Yeah sounds like him, he’s cool as a cucumber.
by Washere2019 August 08, 2019
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