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’Rotlu’, as the name suggests, is the whiner of the group. Show him a silver lining and Rotlu will find you a dark cloud. Show him a light at the end of the tunnel and he’ll think it’s a train – never mind that there are no tracks.

Rotlu is the first person to admit that he is a pessimist. He thrives on sympathy. He knows he whines. He knows he cribs and complains and that sometimes he tries patience of others.

There are two types of Rotlus:

Laughing Rotlu:Tthe thing that makes this type of Rotlu special is that they are whiners but are funny, they can make you laugh and you can be with them and enjoy their whines, and sobs.

Crying Rotlu: They are whiners and big time whiners. Always morose, and full of negativity. You would not like to be with them.
'Rotlu ro mat'

by RudhamAytida October 19, 2009
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