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A badass hoodrat from the upper Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Known amoungst his peers as the indisputable "Export" champion, "Roter" can be found booring out chizzle tip nozzles in the Notorious "poo creek" of Avalon on any given Sunday, giving him that competitive edge over his common place counterparts. When he isn't painten...busten fat rhymes...weaving puffy laces or eating mulberries at one of Avalons many exclusive Coffee lounges. He can be found in the ocean pool kickboarding for hours at a time, strengthening his legs, in preparation for any mad chases he may cop throughout the week practicing his choosen method of funk...20 colour fill throwups complete with care bear stencil accents...If you see this man in the street, don't be shy. Say hi, drop a few names, participate in some dusties on the servo...Or just a friendly game of Scissor, paper, rock...It's all good...It's all Hip Hop.
A "Roter" in the hand is better than two in the pocket.
by Segway surfer November 12, 2006
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