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Rotational velocidensity affects all audio files encoded with lossy compression. These include mp3, aac, and ogg.

The most notable effect of rotational velocidensity is the loss of bitrate in files. A lossy audio file will lose an average of 12kbps a year. But, this can vary greatly depending on the type of storage media used.


SATA HDD: ~12kbps
IDE HDD: ~15kbps
SCSI HDD: ~7kbps
DVD: ~16kbps
CD-R/RW: >21kbps

This can be overcome by compressing audio using lossless formats such as FLAC, APE, or TTA. These formats are designed to never lose quality over time, and will sound the same right now as they will in 10 years.
Josh found some old MP3s he used to listen to in high school. But was disappointed when they had degraded from 256kbps down to 64kbps due to Rotational Velocidensity.
by muza November 28, 2011
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The ratio of mass-to-volume of a velociraptor being affected by centripetal force
John: Frank, did you see that the new class-H237 velociraptors can withstand a rotational velocidensity of up to 5.8?

Frank: Hot damn, the H140s couldn't make it past 3.0!!!
by soupchef June 12, 2010
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