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Definition of rorndog: a rorndog is when you take corndog batter while watching gay porn, then after cumming you mix the batter with your cum using only your hands..then you proceed to deep fry the batter surrounding your penis, after you take the shell of the rorndog off and present it to your son..then your son or close friend if a son is not present must fuck a dog or his mother with the rorndog..after he cums he must remove the rorndog and proceed to chop off his penis encrusted within the rorndog shell creating a true “Rorndog” then he must eat the rorndog while is mother or dog licks his balls.
“Yo bro you fuck your moms pussy with that rorndog last night? I heard eating one after cumming gives you superhuman strength”.
by Caden Marin (God) October 30, 2017
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