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An endangered species, the Roranicus Pondicus is found most commonly in Leadworth. Their is only one known left in the world, as they all died out from various reasons. They are described as having beaky noses. A special feature of the Roranicus Pondicus is when they run, their arms flop everywhere.

Oh yeah. He's a roman too.
Girl 1: Hey, did that guy just get shot by a scaly alien? Is he ok?
Girl 2: Don't worry, it's a Roranicus Pondicus. He'll come back.

Girl 1: Did that guy just drown from a nurse alien mermaid? Is he ok?
Girl 2: No, it's a Roranicus Pondicus, he'll survive.

Girl 1: That Roranicus Pondicus just got disintergrated by an old woman!
*both laugh*
by casgetouttamyass June 18, 2011
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