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An individual with dreadlocked hair, most commonly white caucasian.

Can be likened to a "trustafarian". A white dreadlocked person who deludes themselves that their lifestyle is alternative and progressive. This involves half-baked attempts at being eco-friendly, spinning poi whilst thinking up (shit) ways to make money from poi, & living in a scruffy van whilst claiming housing benefit on a flat they don't inhabit. All this safe in the knowledge that they can doss about for years gleaning money from the parents and/or trust fund.

A ropehead spends a lot of time whinging about society, yet contributes nothing to it.

The "Ropeheadmobil" van will, 9 times out of 10, smell like a chip shop when running due the vegetable oil in the fuel tank. Incidently no duty will have been paid on this fuel. All part of "fucking the system", a vain attempt at masking self-interest in the name of morality.
"Man... I gonna break into loads of festivals and sell poi and weed, wicked." (ropehead)


"Yeah yeah we're going on a protest march for... erm... what was it again?" (ropehead)

"Shut up you fucking ropehead! Get that van away from my house, get a job, pay some taxes and have a fucking wash!" (normal person)

by velocity kendal October 10, 2006
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