The term rookie error is a non gender specific term used in many contexts to describe an act which a individual has performed poorly or inexpertly, due to their status as a rookie, while in the presence of their mates, who upon witnessing the failed attempt will shake their heads and say 'rookie error' to the embarrassed individual.
Any act which ends in a failed attempt can be classified as a 'rookie error.' However the word rookie error can only be used by friends of the individual who witness the failed attempt.
This term is deeply imbedded in Bally Culture and is a popularly used term in Bally Slang.
9 out of 10 scientists agree that rookie error's become more frequent and increase in stupidity with the consumption of alcohol.
Rookie error's are most commonly performed by dirty mokes who try to show off to impress their mates or any attractive females that are present. However all people have experienced a rookie error at some point in their lives.
The word rookie error has become synonymous with the term Epic fail and is used in much the same way to degrade and further embarrass the individual. As well as to signify their status as an amateur at the act which they were trying to perform.
variations of the term include:
rookie, rook out!, rook and ook
Example 1:

A group of male friends go to the drive thru at Maccas and one friend asks to order a whopper. As one the rest of his friends turn to look at the individual and shake their heads while saying "Rookie error"

Example 2:

A group of friends are chillin at the crib with a few beers one person has a corona and attempts to twist the top off and fails miserably. The friends notice and watch with amusement as the individual struggles to twist off the top until one of his friends takes pity on the stupid fool and grabs the beer off him and pops the top of with a bottle opener hands it back while saying "corona's aren't twist tops you hectic rookie"
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill October 04, 2009
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