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The valiant warrior that fights alongside Harry Potter in "Wizard People, Dear Readers". Also known as Ron Weasel. Ronnie the Bear is a parody of Ron Weasley from the "Harry Potter" series.
Ronnie the Bear begins to dictate how the next couple of moves will happen. "Okay, listen up. I will take charge and make all the moves. You guys keep your mouths shut and keep outta my way. You act a rook, I guess, and, Harry, you act as a bishop." Harmony farts a nervous fart, but no one cares.
Every one of Ronnie the Bear's atoms are focusing on the task at hand. Imagine God creating, then you will have a beginning of an understanding of the Bear's massive cerebral cortex at work. This invisible opponent must have invisibly shat himself after Ronnie's first move, knowing full well the challenge that he was about to face.
by Zeig Nein June 30, 2008
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