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A dialect of english invented by former football manager and one time pundit Ron Atkinson to describe onfield action during a game of football. Instead of using conventional language or cliché, ronglish employs an array of colourful similes, expressions and verbal non sequiters.

Laterly ronglish come to describe any abuse/refinement of the english language by sports pundits or commentators.
"the winger does some trickery, puts a hopefull cross into the far post where the burly striker tries a powerfull shot that just misses."

This translates into ronglish as:

"Tell you what, the the little jinker does a few lollipops, tries a hail mary cross to the back stick, the big fella gets his foot on the end of it and gives it the full gun. Oooooh just over."
by Vegas Malone February 15, 2008
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