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The funny, IQ dropped nooby comic from Toontown Ron is an orange mouse who is an idioctic IQ dropped nooby who's IQ is 2 and has servere cravings for fake cheese his friends are Flippy, Toony, and Chuck Norris, his phobias are the Mover and Shaker cog, real cheese, Hannah Montana, and Cinderella, lippy however hates Ron but he thinks Flippy is his best friend; Flippy is a blue dog and loves cake his IQ is 42, and he is best friends with Chuck Norris, Telitubbies, Elmo, and Barney, his favorite TV show is Bob the Builder, and Ron always drags him on stupid pointless meaningless advenmtures for the lost cake a magical peice of paper of some fake cheese.
fake cheese, Chuck Norris, Ron and Flippy
by TTC times June 09, 2010
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