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The not-so-secret Jersey Shore recipe is "watermelon, cherries, cranberry juice and copious amounts of vodka blended with ice," with bonus points for preparing it shirtless.
Roy mixed up a mean batch of Ron Ron Juice for the boys before they went out and Cornelious got so faded he ended up waking up in a ditch.
by DanRoy January 14, 2010
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Drink made popular by Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" Guaranteed to get the ladies to wanna "smush" later. Watermelon, cherries, cranberry juice and ice blended with copious amounts of "Vokka."
Yo before we beat the beat up let's sip some of dat RonRon Juice! (fist pump)

Sammi - You know what Ron, just do you.
Ron - All right I will! No RonRon Juice for you bee-atch!
by September 23, 2010
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