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Named for the famous porn star, the Ron Jeremy event is an accidental occurrence that happens once in a while to people who frequently download television shows and movies from file-sharing platforms.

In order for a Ron Jeremy Event to occur, a show or movie is innocently labeled (i.e. South Park s15e12 - Timmy's Birthday.avi) by whomever is closely guarding his porn from the snoopy wife or girlfriend who hates South Park. An unrelated party then downloads the file expecting innocent content. The file may be opened right away or may sit and share for months before being watched. When it is first opened and the discovery is made, the Ron Jeremy Event has occurred.

As those who relabel their porn keep a small porno-stash, they value quality over quantity. Thus the best porn on the internet is always found in the form of a Ron Jeremy Event.
A: "Did you see the latest episode of Weeds?"
B: "No - I thought I downloaded it, but I ended up having a Ron Jeremy Event."
A: "What did you get?"
B: "Powertool Massacre."
A: "Any good?"
B: "Awesome. I'll burn you a copy."
by Cool Hand Duke October 24, 2007
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