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Applies to those fantasy football teams in the 2011 season that had the foresight to have Tony Romo as their quarterback for the fantasy playoffs due to his ease of schedule but were ultimately veiny cock anal rapped due to his first drive game ending injury in the fantasy championship week 16. Many 2011 fantasy championships and dynasties were ruined due to Tony Romo's gaping vagina and leagues will never be the same because of it. It is has been proved that the Romo Blank Syndrome has had a greater affect on the human race than the Black Plague.
Mommy, daddy hasn't even said a word since he got the Romo Blank Syndrome last winter and now he is talking about leaving his fantasy football league for a fantasy hockey league.......oh and btw, i'm gay!

When Team Grouper Sandwich was diagnosed with the Romo Blank Syndrome, they immediately called both Lorena Bobbit and Tanya Harding and paid them individually $4.2MM each to have a threesome with Team Fishman.
by Groupa Sandy August 12, 2012
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