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An erotic desire to return in thought, or in fact, to a previous sexual/romantic experience. This takes place many times during masturbation or just simply during day dreaming. Rapists practice this form of reminiscence about their former lovers/victims. This is best succeeded when a rapist uses rapies, a sort of memento, to remind him of the encounter. Romantic nostalgia is also practiced by priests when trying to remember a certain sexual molestation victim that they liked but is no longer around to love/sodomize because they told their parents about the molestation.

"If it wasn't for romantic nostalgia, I couldn't have sex with my ugly, fat girlfriend."

"The devout priest kneeled before the cross and thanked God for romantic nostalgia and for supplying him with many children to sodomize."
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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