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Roman Catholic High School. Where to even start? Roman isn't just a school building on the corner of Broad n Vine. Its where friendships are made, and legacys are born. Catholic High has been in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia since 1890, the first free catholic school EVER (but we all know its not free now). Roman is a place where you know everybody that walks down the halls. Its a place where you Know the bball team will go far EVERY year, and your there to cheer them on every step of the way. You wanna play a sport? Romans the place to be. We have almost every sport known to man here. This is a place where you Love to Hate the Prep in every aspect of life, and are proud to chant "WE WEAR PURPLE!" I can't tell you how many times ive been stopped on the streets by alumni asking me if i go to Roman, and still tell me make sure that we beat the Prep. Roman is soo much more than just a high-school. Its a family, a family that bleeds Purple and Gold. Who are we? Roman Catholic, here attt BRRRROOOOOOAAAAAADDDD AND VIIIIIIINNNEEEEEEE!
1:Yo you go to Roman High School?
2:Yeah where do you go?
1:The Prep.
by B.StreetBullie23 March 24, 2009
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