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Romaldo is the man of every woman's dreams. He is sweet, compassionate and loyal. He is a hard worker and puts his everything into whatever he does. Romaldo always dresses to impress and has a smile that would light up a whole stadium! When a Romaldo smiles at you you will feel your knees get weak and your heart will race. He is the ultimate in sexiness and is the best in the bedroom. Nobody else can do what he does the way he does! You are one lucky girl if you can have a Romaldo fall in love with you, and you're even luckier if you have his children because he is "dad of the year!" every year. He loves being a father and takes that role on very seriously. A Romaldo will have the world eating out of his hands. One phrase that can define a Romaldo, "World's Perfect Man."
Damn! I wish I had a Romaldo!!
by MzCatEyes February 03, 2010
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