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A shopping mall that was located in Akron, Ohio. At one time it was the best shopping in the area, with a sparkling orange fountain near the main entrance and undoubtedly the largest selection of stores, but then mall management chose to employ cheaper security guards rather than off-duty police officers. Gangs started to appear around the premises and the mall declined. After October 2008, the mall closed, was abandoned, and was torn up by shitbag vandals and gangsters, ruining any chances of the mall ever being revitalized.

Gained widespread notoriety when Seph Lawless took pictures of the snow-filled atrium in 2015, after vandals shot out the mall's skylights. Sadly, it's demolished now.
John: Hey, remember that big mall somewhere in Akron? The one with the orange fountain?
Timothy: You're talking about the Rolling Acres Mall. Man, I had good childhood memories at that place, sad to see it being demolished.

RIP Rolling Acres Mall.
by Boeing777-300 November 01, 2017
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