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The plural of roll thick. A large amount or a group of people of the same association.
"Damn babe, the cops are rollin' thick tonight."
(after seeing the 5th cop car within 5 miles)
by speechy August 18, 2004
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"Rollin Thick" means you got so much money that your cash rolls are thick.

Alternate Definition: You livin so large you can roll ya blunts supa thick with weed - so you "Rollin thick"

*Additional alternate definition: Your cock is so big that you have to roll it in your pants - hence you "Rollin thick"
"Patrick working so much at his new job he rollin thick nowadays."
"P$ got so much cash now, he Rollin thick when we smoke out."
"I heard Patrick give ya that good lovin. He Rollin thick in them jeans."
by GuruSquared September 23, 2015
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