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A self pleasuring position that erupted in the late 1980's in the town of Rouleau, Saskatchewan where Mr. Roger Flender grew up. Roger, among other extra curricular activities, had a fetish for roosters. He grew so attached to the animal that he wanted to further his love by mimicking their style for pleasure. The position has 4 steps: (Note, this will only work for males)

1. Push your stiff boner between your legs so that it is pointing directly behind you.

2. Close your legs, holding your boner in this position.

3. Keeping your legs together, bend down slowly so that the tip of your boner pushes through the gap just above your ankles depending on the length of your boner.

4. Then with the help of your favorite lube, continue to pleasure the tip of your penis by pushing it in and out of the gap above your ankles.

* Shave the part of your legs where your boner touches for added smoothness/pleasure.
To help out unknown vocabulary:Roger Rooster masurbation pleasure boner legs penis lube
by Gilbert Brandon May 26, 2011
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