1) The biggest fashion area in Beverly Hills, CA.
2) The kind of person who struts her stuff, even if there isn't much stuff and no one's watching because they're in a Tier 1 research institution. In class. Life is like a runway, right?
1) You can't buy normal person clothes at Rodeo Drive. You can't afford clothes at Rodeo Drive.

2) Rodeo Drive? You've got to see her to believe her, man.
by extralation December 13, 2009
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When a girl makes you take her shopping and fucks you with the bill.
"That girl I'm seeing gave me the rodeo screwjob yesterday."

"Did you hear?", "No, what?", "Monica gave her sugar-daddy a rodeo drive screwjob for a new watch!", "NO WAY!"
by brand G August 29, 2011
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