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This law comes into play when a person uses the phrases "shouldn't we be focusing on the soliders" or "shouldn't we be focusing on the war?" when they deem a certain news item frivolous. The longer the conversation about said 'frivolous" news goes on, the more likely it is that someone will bring up soldiers or war and that others will start parroting the phrase. It's often used to shut down a conversation, after all, who can argue that the news shouldn't be focusing on the war or on soldiers? However, they person using Roddan's law is rightfully ignored.
"I can't believe that they're showing all this news about this celebrity!" cried Bob "Why don't they focus this much on our real heroes, the soldiers?"

"If you're so worried about the soldiers, why don't you donate to the veterans or volunteer to work with them?" asked Jim.

"Nah. I just wanna sit in my chair, sip my beer, and say 'oh, that's so sad' or 'man, that's a true hero!' when the news comes on. Makes me feel like a patriotic American!"

"Roddan's Law" said Jim and shook his head sadly.
by Sakano July 13, 2009
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