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The smallest county in Texas is also home to some seriously stupid kids. In the High Schools 1/2 of the kids smoke weed and almost all of them leave High School non Virgins. The few black guys there are have the hottest white girls on their dicks at will. It is also impossible to find a hot girl who hasn't sent out nude pics. Every hot girl in the school (im talking to you RHHS) has some seriously hot nude pics. Good luck trying to thrive here if you are any religion besides christian. The word Jesus is in every other sentence that comes out of peoples mouths here. Did i mention Chuck Norris also live in this town? Not to sure what brought him here, the low perfect blend of city and country or the fine ass milfs that live here feeding off of their rich ass husbands. Located next to a large lake you can always count on the hot chicks of Facebook posting sexy Bikini pics on their boats. If you are intrested in this town do not move here. Our streets are falling apart from heavy traffic and we dont want anymore people moving in.
Those kids were smoking weed like they lived in Rockwall Texas.
by kewl shmuel July 24, 2012
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A small town east of Dallas with 3 exits, none of which are usable because of the INSANE amount of people that live here. Trying to go anywhere on a Saturday is a complete clusterfuck of epic proportions. There is almost always a lane closure or wreck somewhere along the interstate (because rich white people constantly fuck with their phone while driving) that will add to your headache. Rockwall is a great place to live if you want to realize how soon you can hate a place that you just moved to and ultimately go back to Dallas.
Rockwall Texas is a place I cannot wait to move away from.
by Jerral By-God Jones May 15, 2016
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