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A rockinroller is a usually upper-class nostalgic hard rock fan in their 40s, most notably defined by their pseudo-underground clothing. Rockinrollers are united in their mid-life crisis, party atmosphere, fashion, and millions of dollars. The rockinroller subculture/clique is mainly located in Las Vegas or wherever a rockinroller's private jet may take him. Rockinrollers are usually celebrities, but all share the same insecurity of age which is part of the motivation behind the rockinroller's state of mind: "I may be old but I am still a badass. Bring the hookers!".

One distinct element of the rockinroller is the fashion. Customized leather products, tight pants, luxury brands, top hats, bandanas, ripped denim, and crooked stitching are the norm. The fashion combines elements of goth, vampire, steampunk, biker, eurotrash, and rich douchebag subculture. Rockinrollers wear anything that is "COOL": black leather, black jeans, black hats, black hair, black shoes, and some things that are ripped up but stitched back together. The rockinroller subculture is defined by upper class hedonism, livin' the good life, and being just another rock n rolling bad ass still going at it! Not all rockinrollers are musicians, some are magicians and even visual artists (e.g. Chris Angel, Michael Godard).

Notable examples of famous rockinrollers:
Nikki Sixx
Chris Angel
Jyrki 69
Michael Godard
Steven Tyler
DJ Ashba
Rockinroller: (gravely voice) I remember when I shot heroin with Axl Rose and drove a motorbike off a cliff. I was laughing like a motherfucker!
Rockinroller 2: Yeahhhhhhh those were the days. I wish I could go back then and shoot more heroin with Ozzy.
Rockinroller: We're seeing him tonight at the House of Blues right? (strumming a PRS)
Rockinroller 2: That would be bad ass lets do it! Yeee (pouring scotch into a Godard flaming dice glass)
by Barrymanilow666 July 09, 2013
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Mistaken for a Nintendo Entertainment System accessory, the Rockin' Roller is when you and your girlfriend roll into a ball and fuck so hard that you start rolling around.
"I just did the Rockin' Roller and It was great!!!!"

"Hey babe, wanna do the Rockin' Roller tonight?"
by Ninja Master 123 June 09, 2019
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