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The RocketOwl or Rocket Owl is purportedly an owl-like cryptid that inhabits the universe. RocketOwl is usually described as a hybrid creature; a 50/50 cross between an owl and a small rocket ship.

RocketOwl’s appearance is similar to that of a short-eared owl. It has large black eyes, a big head, short neck, and broad, heavy wings. RocketOwl’s bill is short, strong, hooked and black. Its feathers and talons are made of cold steel. It is also said that the RocketOwl’s body, made of pure energy, is infinitely weightless.

Stories of the RocketOwl first emerged as a facet of Western popular culture in the 21st century. The tech and gaming community generally regard the elusive RocketOwl as a legend, given the lack of conclusive evidence.

There is one and only one RocketOwl however. No one knows its exact origins of this stealth rocket bird, but experts agree that the RocketOwl, while omnipresent, does not come from planet Earth. Some proponents say the nocturnal creature has always existed and humans have not discovered it until recently.
The RocketOwl doesn't fear humans. Humans fear it.
by vdeng May 27, 2011
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