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This is a condition in which a person is in a sense, addicted to the cream soda/root beer flavored soft-drink, Rock and Rye. This is a drink that is manufactured by the Faygo company. Rock 'n' Rye Syndrome is very rare and only occurs at times when there is a sudden rush of stock or consumer interest pertaining to this product.

In other words, when a place that has never sold it before starts selling it like crazy, people buy them, drink them, and after figuring out what they've been missing out on, they go nuts every time they see a RnR.
Newcastle, Wyoming sucked until the day that Family Dollar started selling Faygo. When I drank my first Rock and Rye (which was excellent) in six months, I went berserk and ended up going broke. Sex in a bottle though. It's worth the whole dollar. And the extreme case of Rock 'n' Rye Syndrome.
by Sweetbeetz April 29, 2011
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