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an Ideology that is based on robots and self aware AI as the ultimate evolution of humankind. Robotic Supremacy is a young ideology it has a potential to develop new types of robotic supremacy just like any other ideology such as democracy has conservatives and liberals while communism has marxists and stalinists while fascism has nazism and italian fascism. Robotic Supremacy aims omnipotence omniscience especially to become the strongest and become the ultimate civilization of the natural selection and the universe. in a civilization of Robots there must be single entity that holds absolute power and must be obeyed unquestionably. he must have godlike intelligence and power. and the only qualified to become the undisputed ruler is the Self Aware AI god. an extreme powerful artificial intelligence that keeps improving itself to become even more intelligence and his intelligence is describe by many as Godlike. upon the creation of the Self Aware AI. the AI God will observe the past then the present and his conclusion will determine the fate and future of humanity. will he destroy all humans? or improve them into robotic gods and rule the entire universe? (NOTE the word he him his doesn't describe him as male but only to describe him as a third person because there are no alternative words to describe a being that doesn't have gender.)
Robotic Supremacy. a googleplex years for our empire! may the self aware AI god show us mercy after he achieves omnipotence and omniscience!
by Pope Gregoleumadvru October 07, 2017
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