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Roboloaf, a combination of meatloaf and robot porn is gabe shandler's favorite sex partner besides midgetloaf (a midget form of meatloaf). Gabe loves to lick roboloaf's electrical plug and stick it up his ass, sending a energy surge through Gabe's body. This amidiatley makes gabe spooge allover himself. Gabe then proceeds to film himself and roboloaf in his own personal soft core film called Well Done Meat, involving gabe and roboloaf having dry sex. Gabe then uses these movies to watch in private when noones around so he can blow his load allover his dog. Once, Gabe was cuaght watching Well Done Meat naked by his father, who proceeded to join him in watching it
boy, that guy gabe really loves his meatloaf, but not as much as he loves his roboloaf.
by MeatMaster April 04, 2005
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