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A theoretical socio-economic system based on capitalising from the labour of fully autonomous robotic machines, which would perform all labour in society. It is likely to be the major economic system in the future, when all possible human labour is removed from the production of all goods and services. It would mean that humans no longer have to work and enterprise would become the major way of creating personal wealth. All consumer products would be much cheaper due to the lack of human labour needed for their production. To accommodate for the very high unemployment rate in this system, income tax would be very high on the super-wealthy (70%) to create funds for a citizenry payment (similar to welfare) which all citizens of a country would be entitled to. Inheritance tax would also be very high (90%) to allow everyone equal opportunity to be rich, not just those who inherit their wealth and capitalise on it. Enterprise and human creativity would be at an all time high, as people do not have to work and are able to create things and ideas freely to become rich, and improve their life. It would be the perfect combination of capitalism and communism, which would support the poor and stop excessive wealth accumulation at the cost of the lower classes (such as in capitalism) with its high tax on income, and, it would allow people an opportunity to be rich through their own enterprise and work, which communism denies. It would be the ultimate economic system.
The author thinks Robo-Utopianism is an excellent idea for an economic system and appreciates any feedback on the idea
by TheAnonomousHaZ October 05, 2010
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