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1) An apparatus used by highly intelligent men to climax in a sexual manner.
The Robo-Gina was first introduced to the public by two highly acclaimed German scientists in 1987. Bernard Trevor Clemmont and Johan Dinever Knapenstein created this machine after both discovered their inability to correctly perform the act of sexual intercourse. To this day, a giant sculpture of the first Robo-Gina stands tall in Berlin, next to the guy from Baywatch's memorial, to remind citizens just how rich their heritage can be.
2) Verb - To Robo-Gina or in past tense robo-gina'd, is to put to use that ingenious piece of machinary 'up in a bitch, yo'
Noun - Susie convinced Ted to just buy, "one of those damn Robo-Gina's cuz you sure as hell ain't doing your job you limp son of a bitch!"

Verb - Man, i just couldn't keep going last night and she wanted more so i robo-gina'd the shit out of her.
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