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Pronounced Rob'n'me Hood.
Robnmey is derived from a campaign platform that demands lowering the candidate's personal taxes by millions. The platform also advocates reducing taxes for the richest 2%. These supporters in return are exceptionally generous.
While the proposal is inconsistent with the candidates demands to lower national debt, it does lower the burden on the candidate and supporters to pay their fair share of the debt.
The platform is a hard sell since it advocates reducing basic social/health safety net, increasing taxes for the majority of the public, including the poor and the middle classes, during times when the public is desperate.
The platform also advocates getting rid of many gov regs that require financial responsibility, enforce workers rights, environmental public health protections. When regs can't be avoided the platform supports outsourcing gov jobs to the private sector (and supporters), and to countries with fewer protections for citizens, or where dictatorships can swiftly deal with the problem of unrest.
The hood term is added when the candidate has partially covered up their real identity. E.g., when they are not transparent on how they made their money and how much they have paid in taxes. Lack of transparency is also true of their generous and unanimous donors, who avoid campaign accounting, and spending limits on mud slinging, libel and slander.
If Robnmey Hood wins I'll be so rich when I win the lottery.
by mlhiss August 07, 2012
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