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a person, male, who with out comprmise will tear you a new asshole, drink all your liquor, bone your betty, and do so with a smile on his face.

A hard as stone killer, O.G., king of the klan, kitten eating, shark biting, individual, who will not be fucked with.

some one you both fear and respect, as the reaper.

The last man you ever want to piss off, and the last thing you see when you do.
"I don't want to go tell the bad ass robitch, that I don't have the money"

"He was last seen kissing the boot's of that Bad ass motherfucker"
"He was digging a hole with that bad ass robitch, in the back 40, and we havn't seen him since"
by Robitch69 February 15, 2018
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