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Robin is a male of dark skin and intellectual capacity that is beyond the reasoning of any reasonable person. Robin is the catalyst for the creation of the universe. The thought process of the Robin has undergone extensive studies and research. It was found that the thought processes of the Robin exist on dimensions that humans otherwise cannot exist. In recent years the thought process of the Robin has been adopted by the greatest minds of our time. Using the Robin for publicity and profits has seen the thought processes of the Robin come under intense scrutiny. It is argued that it can be highly dangerous and result in the cataclysmic end to the universe if implemented in modern warfare. The process itself cannot be defined as it does not exist on a level of human recognition. The results of the intensive study showed there was no thought behind the erratic impulses of the Robin. The Robin exists in an unoccupied multidimensional vector based quantum, running on energy pulses of extranomical magnitudes. The sheer power of the Robin can be ascertained to the balance of powers within the universe. The complex construction of this energy is made up of unique subatomic particles that do not exist to mask the Robin as simplistic and non-existent to protect this delicate equilibrium. Un-natural sources of the Robin would result in the planetary alignment being destroyed having an effect of instant and utter destruction of the physical realm. Therefore, the Robin must be kept a secret and protected. For further readings please visit:
Robin Romero : "hey, aahh" *falls over* *results in domino effect* *universe implodes*
Robin Romero: "woops!" :S
by Deza September 01, 2008
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