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Robert E. Lee is a highschool in springfield VA. With excessive amounts of middle-easterners asians and several other countries you have probably heard of. They have a kick ass- football team that looses because theyre too busy doing drugs or idreis augustus isnt playing. Everyone at Lee is basicly friends and everyone at Lee wants to tranfer out. It is situated around a bunch of Fresh off the boat mexicans so theres alot of spanish to be learned. The schools principal is this gay ass nigga mr.Jeffers who hates it when girls wear yoga pants and makes up a whole mess of bird ass rules.
Guy 1: Hey who you guys play this week?

Guy 2: Robert E. Lee high school

Guy 1: idreis playing?

Guy 2: Naw he graduated..

Guy 3: Damn you won
by thetruthsayer626 March 24, 2011
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