Very underrated musician, and former guitarist for the Doors. While Jim Morrison definitely has the spotlight for the Doors, Robby the youngest member of the group, was also important as a songwriter, responsible for the hit "Light My Fire" as well as half the material on "The Soft Parade". As well as being a brilliant guitarist he's a pretty damn good vocalist too. He mightn't be Jim Morrison but yeah he can sing alright. Check out his string of solo albums.

And any doors fans will know that "Spanish Caravan" and his improvised live guitar solos justify his greatness.
Person 1 : Man "Love Her Madly" is an awesome song. A Morrison favorite of mine along with "Runnin' Blue"

Person 2 : Actually both those songs were written by Robby Krieger

Person 1: Who?

Person 2: The Doors guitarist....the guy who sings on the chorus of Runnin' Blue

Person 1: No.....that's Bob Dylan idiot! The Doors were only session musicians that acted as Jim's backing group!

*Person 2 facepalms*
by stingingpaininthebrain July 13, 2012
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