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One who calls himself a helicopter pilot because he has hover soloed in an R-22 helicopter. Often buys "Look at me I'm a helicopter pilot" type of memorabilia, such as huge rear window stickers and T-shirts. Said Robbie Ranger will also likely have a myspace page with pictures of themselves flying while wearing aviator sunglasses. In some instances, Robbie Rangers have even been spotted wearing military colored flight suits with patches. It is also common for Robbie Rangers to have tribal tattoos and tight fitting emo t-shirts.

Although the previous description is accurate most of the time, it is important to remember that Robbie Rangers can be any age or gender. In fact many of them are older men who are lost in their mid life crisis. Many of them have left their computer industry careers, or are using a GI bill to fulfill their pipe dream.

When conversing with a Robbie Ranger, he will often tell you that he flies the most difficult helicopter to fly and it's made him a better pilot.
Lifeboat78: Hey ladies, I just got back from a really dangerous cross country training flight. There I was, upside down in a cumulonimbus when the engine quit. For a moment I thought I was going to die but since I'm a better stick than my instructor, I said "Listen loser, I am god's gift to aviation, hand over the controls and I'll salvage this." I entered an inverted autorotation and did a split S (HOT CHICK INTTERUPTS)

Hot Chick: OH Wow thats so cool! I've never met a helicopter before!! So you guys get paid like a $100,000 a year right?

Lifeboat78: Yeah thats what my flight school told me, but I just love to fly so much that (HOT CHICK INTERRUPTS AGAIN)

Hot Chick: Umm, so you aren't actually getting paid?

Lifeboat78: Well not right now, but I'm going to fly to this safety seminar on Saturday and I have an empty seat...

Hot Chick: Oh, thats like so cool, but my friend just texted me soooooo yeah, I have to go. Later Robbie Ranger.
by lifeboat78 May 05, 2010
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