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1) a complete and total pimp, gets all the bitches
2) someone with an extremely long dick.

3) when you fuck a girl, her mom, and her sister, and when your done you cover them in cum while they sing "ABC 123" by the Jackson five, and don't stop singing until you fill their mouths with cum.

4) someone so totally amazing that Chuck Norris idolizes him.

5) a man who gets more ass than a naked fag in a gay bar.
1) person 1: "I heard that guy got a blowjob from 5 different one hour"

Person 2: "wow, he is so lucky to be a rob long, I would do ANYTHING to spend just one day as a rob long"

2) girl---"wow, your dick is huge, that thing is like a fucking fire hose."
Guy---"yea I know, god blessed me with a rob long"

3) guy #1--- "so I hear your bitch gave you a surprise for your birthday"
Guy2--"yea she had her mom and sister come over and they let me rob long them"
Guy1 "you are lucky as shit"
by Qwertyuioppoiuytrewqazasxxsdcm October 26, 2010
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