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People with this name are blessed with many leadership abilities. Someone who wants to explore new horizons and have the freedom to make their own decisions.

This might be the reason why you never want to submit to the will of others.

Prioritizing independence to such a high degree can have it's disadvantages. When realizing your ideas or projects there is a certain degree of aggressiveness.

Like a warrior who marches into war. You want to win! Only the first place can quell your thirst. As a strong personality you know what you want. People appreciate your positive and creative characteristics. When striving for success your ambition has no limits.

It is easy for you to motivate yourself to achieve a goal. Moreover you are constantly ready to fully apply and to develop yourself. Never would you expect that something is given without effort. Full of energy and determination you are an impressive force of nature. People can get easily inspired by simply working by your side.
" the best, gurrl!"
by Thank God for me February 16, 2018
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