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noun. Stemming from the Riverport Ampitheatre (UMB) in St. Louis, MO, where they sell only one size of beer at the concession stands but for some reason call it a "Jumbo Beer". Such a way of thinking is hypocritical because there is no Regular-sized beer of which to make a comparison in size. This word originated from beer but can be used in many other circumstances as well.
Concert Patron: "I'll have a beer, please."

Beer Jockey: "That will be $10, kind sir."

Concert Patron: "I just wanted a regular beer."

Beer Jockey: "We only have Jumbos."

Concert Patron: "You can't only have jumbos, or larges, or smalls, because, then its not a jumbo at all. Its a regular."

Beer Jockey: "I guess I don't understand."

...after ten minutes of agonizing debate...

Concert Patron: "Alright, fine just give me a god foresaking Riverport Jumbo already."
by Brad Pinto February 04, 2006
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