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Made popular by Geraldo Rivera. Ask your girlfriend over to talk about a serious subject but make sure you have a blanket. One more requiment, you must have a mustache that would make a biker jizz'em. So you and your girlfriend are having so much fun talking about the rising gasoline prices, that when you lay down, she pulls down her pants and sits right on your face. To master this, your mustache has to give her the orgasim not your tongue. Then you clean up her shit with the blanket cuz you dont have a towel.
I was watching Jerry springer the other day, door bell rang. Guess who it was, Tom Selic. We got a talking and I pulled down my pants, I sat down on his face, next thing i know was, Oops! Geraldo showed me this, the Rivera ride
by Clayton larmie July 03, 2006
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