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An Indian girl who likes to be light brown...not black. Usually comes with a butt chin. She spends her time sleeping because she likes to get her beauty rest. She is very social and knows how to talk to people. Most people like to confide in her because she is a very good listener. She is also observant and analyzes things and situations. Gossip is something she is knowledgable in. She's always in the inside scoop. Most Rithvi's have beautiful long thick hair. She is surprising in bed and hooks up with unexpected people. Surprise! She is a great friend and will be there in the long run.
Man check out her chin, it's like a Rithvi.
Who told you that? A Rithvi?
Stop sleeping so much. You're acting like a Rithvi.
You need to get yourself a Rithvi, she'll let you in on the 411.
by Jennya February 07, 2011
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