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A short, red headed, leprechaun looking person who is known for voicing their opinion regarding issues no one cares for. Tends to hang out near public schools and often spends their free time volunteering at local day cares and play grounds. Moves up in life by dry humping the legs of their superiors, and constantly drinks vodka, their choice of preference at night when they need to relax with the children. A Risenhoover's preferences includes a 9 by 9 cement room with toiletries and stripped clothing, their favorite trend. They are very eco- friendly and refuse to polute the air, in fear of harming the underage minor. Therefore they walk around shackled with private security 24/7. Enjoys dark nurseries with Beethoven playing in the background. Great with children, but horrible with marriages. Very easy going.

"That guy is creepy! He goes everywhere with all those girls. Who is he?"
"Oh that's just a Risenhoover."
by old old old boy July 07, 2012
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