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A ripstonker is a very loud and extremely noxious passage of gases from the rectum (otherwise known as a fart). These are often heard (and smelt) around the chairs and communal areas in old folks' homes.
Old Mary left the house one day, without her special pill,
and after many hours on foot, she was feeling rather ill.
See, Mary had a tummy ache, which caused her excess gas,
And on the bus, a giant ripsnort, exits from her ass!

The noxious fumes embraced the people, be them old or young,
And you could even taste the gases, laid flat upon your tongue.

So now you ask, a ripstonker? What on earth is that?
It's the biggest fart, with the baddest smell where that little old lady once sat!!!
by Xbox 360 Chick January 19, 2011
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