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Smoking a Black and Mild while drinking a Rip it Energy drink.
Yo bro you wanna go Rip a black with me?" or "Yo we were Rippin' blacks when you called.
by TBA42 November 20, 2010
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When you smoke a Black and Mild Cigar (preferrably Wine flavored) and drink a Rip-It Energy Drink.

You can substitute black and milds for swishers or white owls, and rip-its for monsters, red bull, or rockstar.

However, you must change the name accordingly.

Ex. Rockin Swish or White Bull
"Man, it's about time to Rip a Black."

"Yeah dude, let's cut sixth our and rip blacks all the way to Mcdonalds."

"He caught us rippin' blacks on the way into the school parking lot!"
by RippinBlacks May 06, 2010
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