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The fabled "Rip City Jerks" is a young group of kids who have proclaimed themselves "the queens of Portland jerking", and have taken up the dance certainly known as "jerkin".

This "jerkin" can be best described as seeing a group of people(usually jungle bunnys) skip around in place like a ballarina as they listen to their pathetic excuse for music (see: jerkin' music). they claim Rip City (Portland Oregon) and are from parkrose highschool.

They go around doing their little fairy dance thinking its cool but unbeknown st to them, dressing like little 80's rock posers has already been done before. Black youth doesen't see that the so called "gear" is fashion taken from the techno age.

Many of them have taken up the name i(insertnamehere), which is taken from Apple Inc. and is copyrighted. the jerks are currently involved in two $120,000 lawsuits, one with Apple and the other is a a copyright infringement by the HoM (Homosexuals of America) for wearing the fairy rainbow colors that many have come to associate as "gay colors". This the HoM say Rip City jerks: "makes them look bad as altough they are butt pirates, they are no where near as gay as Rip City jerks or the jerking movement as a whole" HoM spokesperson Mike Hunt reported.

In conclusion, they're just some poorch monkey doin their lil rain dance tryin to get chicks. FUCK TAYLOR GANG, AND FUCK JERKING!
Man1: "who are those spearchucking fairys doing that rain dance over there?"

man2: "i believe the gay rights parade is in town, i mean look at the fruity colors!"

Jerk: NAW NIGGA WE RIP CITY JERKS CUZZZZZ we get off nigga its wat we do nigga rip city! taylor gang! we jerks and we stay jerkin!

Man1: "fag"
by iDontlikejerking January 30, 2010
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